Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentistry

neuromuscular dentistryNeuromuscular Dentistry is the science-based philosophy that has brought further understanding of muscle physiology into clinical dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry goes beyond traditional dentistry in that it includes consideration of the “physiologic posture” of the mandible. It enables clinicians, when treating patients, to objectively and scientifically evaluate the muscles, joints, and nerves involved in mandibular (lower jaw) posture and function as well as its teeth. It gives clinicians the ability to be true “physicians of the mouth.”

How does neuromuscular dentistry contribute to dental treatments?

Neuromuscular dentistry is absolutely essential in treating TMD, head, neck, and facial pain. It is crucial for complex dental restoration and full-mouth dental reconstruction to create a predictable and successful outcome. Our office is only a few of the dental clinics in the northwest that have a full range of instrumentation and equipment to perform neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Darryl Chen has attained the highest level of training and expertise in neuromuscular dentistry. With his vast experiences and knowledge in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Chen has been successfully treating many patients with TMJ, head and neck pain, and complex dental conditions for over the past 20 years.

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